About Us

Uncle Matty’s Food Co. (UMFC) is an Orlando based food concept revolutionizing flavors one palate at a time. At UMFC, we explore a variety of areas of cuisine, with a heavy emphasis on American classics. We keep these classics true to their rooted traditions and refine their flavor profiles to match the more modern, sophisticated palates of today. We also explore new avenues of food and are constantly on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s flavors bringing the boldest and brightest food to your table or event. Follow us on social media to find out where we are and where you can find Uncle Matty’s Food Co.’s products.

Our Chefs

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Matthew Ryan - President & Executive Chef

Est. 2014, Uncle Matty’s Food Co. (UMFC) was founded by Matthew Ryan. A native of the Orlando area, he was born and raised in Winter Park and worked his way up through many restaurants while attending the University of Central Florida. After graduating, he continued to refine his skills as a chef while using his experience to craft his own recipes. Uncle Matty’s Food Co. was born when his popular mustard sauce came to market in 2014. Inspired by his love for his niece and nephews, a fallen brother and a passion for refined flavor profiles; Uncle Matty’s Food Co. was born to bring you unmatched flavor profiles from top to bottom.

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In its very essence, an amazing meal is a creative act that has its genesis rooted in the mind of someone who cares enough to carefully plan it, gather the extensive ingredient list and labor over its creation until the flavors absolutely move your soul.

- Our Chefs